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My Story

1. Versatile Career and Personal Resilience: Weber's journey is not just about his achievements but also about overcoming challenges, self-doubt, and failures. His experience as an American Ninja Warrior, coupled with his role as an award-winning host for NBC, demonstrates his resilience and ability to tackle obstacles. His background makes him uniquely qualified to talk about leadership and peak performance, offering insights that are both practical and inspirational.

2. Core Philosophies and Impactful Messaging: Alex Weber's approach to life and success revolves around several key pillars. He emphasizes the importance of self-belief, understanding that strategies alone are not enough without addressing core fears and beliefs. He also highlights the significance of other people in our success journey, advocating for a focus on developing others to achieve beyond our expectations. Additionally, Weber stresses the importance of energy, advocating for a positive, resourceful, and optimistic approach to life and its challenges.

3. Achievements and Contributions: As an acclaimed author, world record holder, and one of the youngest coaches to win US Lacrosse Coach of the Year Honors, Weber's achievements span various domains. His ability to engage and connect with audiences stems from his firsthand experiences on both sides of the spectrum – as a leader and a high performer. He uses his contagious energy and humor to leave a lasting impact, sharing game-changing secrets to success.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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